About Us

Plants and Pictures is the result of a collaboration between JacqIT (Sjaak de Jong) and Ronald Houtman Sortimentsadvies (Ronald Houtman). Our large collection (more than 30,000) of plant photographs is regularly expanded.

Our photos can be used in catalogues, trade journals and magazines, books, for plant labels, on websites, etc.

Ronald Houtman

Ronald Houtman (1967), from Boskoop. Already at a young age I became interested in photography. I got my first SLR when I was 15. After years of using Minolta cameras I switched to Canon (50D). After having used a Canon 6D my current camera is a Canon 6D Mark II.

I also use the following lenses: 100mm f/2.8 macro, 24-105mm f/4 and 70-200mm f/2.8 II.

Gardens, trees, shrubs and perennials are the main subject of my photography. I also like to photograph other subjects, in which architecture, landscapes and more abstract subjects have my preference.

Ronald Houtman Sortimentsadvies is a small company professionally involved in intellectual property on plants and the commercial and practical aspects of naming perennials and woody plants.

The main services Ronald Houtman Sortimentsadvies provides are:

– Advice on assortment and plants to grow as well as dendrology

– Plant Breeders’ Rights (EU, Canada, Japan, etc.)

– United States Plant Patent

– Article publications

– Plant descriptions for leaflets and labels

– Catalogues (writing and reviewing)

– Presentations and lectures

In addition, Ronald Houtman Sortimentsadvies has many contacts in the (inter)national tree nursery, so we can refer you to the right companies for other services as well.

As secretary of the Trials Committee and editor-in-Chief of Dendroflora, Ronald Houtman is closely associated with the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society (KVBC). This Society deals with the tree nursery assortment and tries to ensure that the quality of the assortment is always at a high level. This is done by means of trials and publications.

Sjaak de Jong

Sjaak de Jong, I was born in Reeuwijk and I am living in Boskoop. After my education I started at a medium sized printing company in Woerden. My main tasks were organising and structuring data, using Filemaker Pro. This environment really caught my attention because of the unique programming possibilities. After I worked as head of automation and manager for a number of years, I decided tot start my own ICT company in 2008.


JacqIT is engaged in writing custom software for various companies. The basis for developing this software is FileMaker Pro.

Examples of custom software:

Creating catalogues.

Processing the complete assortment of, for example, plants and/or photos in a digital catalogue (PDF). These can be send by email or published in a printed version.

Making labels.

Create your own label at your own location; or a label that can be placed directly with the product; for plants for example a slot or hanging label.

Logistics (transport)

Mapping the issue and intake of (tree nursery) products. Planned transport is immediately visible on the iPhone, mobile or iPad/tablet.

Stock management

Organize articles, provide them with barcodes and scan them via an App, to be used on a mobile phone, tablet and/or computer.

Administration software.

Simple but effective. Goal: a good overview and insight into your administration with as few resources as possible. Additional advantage: a lot of savings on accountant costs.

All programs can be started with a single user and can be expanded up to 500 users.

 In addition, JacqIT has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of Apple, such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Through years of experience with these computers we can say that this is a specialization of the company.

Because of this, JacqIT is able to adapt the software you purchase to your personal wishes. In this way we create easy to use, specially tailored programs.


Any questions?

Please contact us:

– Ronald Houtman: +31 6 55187858

– Sjaak de Jong: +31 6 12992512